Moores Park - Grand River

Moores Park - Grand River

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bear Creek - Thunder Snow

Well as fishing day's go.... This was not the best weather!  At one point it was snowing so hard with HUGE flakes that you couldn't really tell where your cast went.  You pretty much knew, because you are use to where it should be, however you could not get a visual.

The snow flakes were very large and it was difficult to focus clearly with the water flowing sideways, snow coming down and trying to keep track of your line heading toward snags and other fish friendly objects that keep you practicing how to tie knots with cold fingers.

At the high point of the storm - it was snowing with Thunder and Lightning which caused us to take a short break from fishing.

Overall - EVERY Day fishing is better than one at work!  ( not sure how that saying would go if you were a professional fisherman? )

Tight Lines

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